For Diary Call Ambrish Mishra (Manorath Pub.) +91 9928264878

Diary Black & White Price Rs. 27.50/- ,

Diary Color Price Rs. 48.50/-
For Dress Call Vikas Agrawal +91 9667412526
For Book Call Samar Singh (LBF Pub.) +91 9303333392

SSP Schools are categories in 4 Sections as per fees and facilities

1. SSP Schools Premium Model Fee Above 31,000/- PA
2. SSP Schools Diamond Model Fee Below 30,000/- PA
3. SSP Schools Gold Model Fee Below 20,000/- PA
4. SSP Schools Silver Model Fee Below 10,000/- PA

SSP Schools Books

1- SSP स्कूलों के लिए LBF बुक्स के बारे में जानकारी। Download
2- इंगलिश मिडियम प्राईज लिस्ट For SSP Schoos Class Nur To 5th. Download
3- इंग्लिश मीडियम प्राईज लिस्ट For SSP School Class 6th To 7th Download
4- हिंदी मिडियम प्राईज लिस्ट (मिनी सेट) For SSP School कक्षा Nur to 4th Download
5- आर्डर फॉर्म इंग्लिश मीडियम स्कूल के लिए Download
6- आर्डर फॉर्म बोथ मिडियम स्कूल के लिए Download
7- ऑर्डर फॉर्म हिंदी मिडियम स्कूल के लिए Download

Dress Color and Price List

01. Rates for A-Category School Download
02. Rates for Admin School Download
03. Rates for B Category School Download
04. Rates for C Category School Download
05. Directors Dress Code Download
06. Lady Teachers Dress Code Download
07. Male Teachers Dress Code Download
08. Student uniform for Premium & Diamond Category School Download
09. Student uniform for Gold Category School Download
10. Student uniform for Silver Category School Download

List of Item

01. List of Item Download
02. List of Items Required in SSP Schools Download
03. Competitive Rate List Download
04. Help By SSP Through Out The Year Download
05. Way to Regular training of center Head & Subject Teachers Download
06. Computer Specification Download

Materials for printing purpose will be sent to your email after Payment confirmation