sspschools-Largest chain of happy schools
What is the purpose of SSP Schools?

The SSP through its initiative will help those schools who are struggling with revenues and not able to provide proper facilities to students. We at SSP aim at providing them all sort of assistance related to school operations to help schools growing in all aspects.

How this will be done?

This will work as franchise model. The SSP has established its headquarters at Jaipur and recruited expert professionals. The SSP through its centralized office will provide many facilities including live classes, tie up with publishers for quality books, teachers’ training, periodical reporting and many more.

Will SSP charge any amount from schools?

The SSP will charge one time joining fee which will range between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000. No other amount afterwards will be charged from schools. The system will be reviewed on yearly basis and all decisions will be taken with mutual consensus. Schools will be free to move out from the franchise system after completion of a complete year.

How SSP will manage its finance?

SSP has been providing you services for last 5 years without charging any fee. SSP is planning to bank upon donations. It is also aiming at charging a nominal amount as marketing fee from various vendors providing books and various supplies to schools to cover its administrative and operational cost.

This will make books and supplies costly, wont it be a loss to schools?

SSP will provide you books and supplies either on lesser or similar price. Even if you come across any vendor who is selling for lesser price, please do let us know. We can have ties with them also. We definitely aim at providing everything cheaper than what is available in the market.

Why SSP is doing all this? What is its benefit?

SSP is a social organization dedicated to schools in Rajasthan. It has no hidden interest. SSP has been fighting for your rights for last five years without self-interest. There have been many social activists, freedom fighters and social organizations who work without any self- interest. We are getting importance from Government and will get it further if our schools our strong and financially capable. In past also while carrying out many movements some of the schools helped us financially but many small schools couldn’t do that. SSP wants all schools to become financially strong so that they can contribute for social causes. We at SSP have all good intentions behind this initiative. There may some flaws in the process and systems we will improve it gradually.

Whether SSP will be able to help schools of rural and urban areas which are on the verge of closure?

The way schools are running is the reason of their sufferings. If schools are operated in a proper manner with good intent they are bound to grow irrespective of their locality. We have already presented our ideas about it in the seminar held at Jaipur on 3rd February 2019.

In rural areas and smaller towns parents don’t pay fee, how SSP can bring schools in surplus?

Who says they don’t pay? Yes approximately 50% parents don’t pay complete fees. Schools are able to survive only because of those parents who are paying.

We know this fact. What new you will do?

At SSP schools we will focus on good studies and other value added services. Those who pay fees want good services. Parents from other schools will shift to SSP schools because of good studies and other services. They have been paying fees earlier also and they will also pay here too. When the school will be known as SSP School it will be easy for schools to recover fees by saying that schools belongs to a big organization.

According to you other schools will not be able to survive?

SSP is concerned with those who believe in it. There is one saying “Grow or Perish”. Those who opt not to grow will automatically get perished.

Whether these schools and its employees will get any benefits from Government?

We have seen a dream and with the blessings of God it will be fulfilled. We have good co-ordination with government and our demands are already there in the election manifesto. We are planning that services of employees recruited by us are taken by Government for various purposes including elections, census etc. We will also request Government to announce benefit schemes for our employees.

What special you will give?

We have a special feature “Live Class” . Recruitment and training of teachers at mass level who will get all benefits like pension, medical, insurance etc. without any burden on school. We will recruit teachers on transferable basis. It is going to be one of its own kind idea in India. We will get good employees at lower salary.

Once systems are improved, who will need you later?

We are planning to serve 5000 schools in Rajasthan. Keeping in view the larger volume, it will be difficult for the school to manage things/services at such a lower cost we are planning to provide.

Should we go ahead with you or wait for next year?

If you believe in the leadership and vision of SSP you must join this year. From Next year we may charge a sizeable amount as joining fees. If you have faith join now. Those who don’t have faith will be paying big price next year.

What we have to do to join?

First read the complete plan properly then fill the form by going to website. We don’t guarantee you for joining. We have a selection process. We may choose or reject your school.

How we will come to know of selection after filling online form?

You will be informed within 3-4 days after filling up the form. In case you don’t get any information you may call us on help line to get the details about your selection / rejection.

Will you choose all schools or selected schools?

We can’t take all schools. We have a criteria to short list them. The process is secretive but of course SSP activists will get priority.

Will you choose all schools of one area or not?

We can’t take all the schools of one area. But before selection we will classify all the schools on the basis of fees and other facilities.

How on the basis of fees?

We will categorise schools on the basis of fees, because parents of smaller schools may not go to bigger schools and vice versa.

How you will classify schools on the basis of fees?
Type of School Hindi Medium fee (P.A.) Eng. Medium Fee (P.A.)
Two Star Up to Rs.5000 Up to Rs.10000
Three Star Up to Rs.10000 Up to Rs.15000
Four Star Up to Rs.15000 Up to Rs.20000
Five Star Up to Rs.20000 Up to Rs.25000
Premium School Up to Rs.25000 Rs. 30000 and onwards